Discover Symi, an island full of wonders

Here you will experience both the adventure of life and a sense of quiet peacefulness

Symi belongs to the Greek Dodecanese islands. The island is served by daily boats from Rhodes and Piraeus. The island of Venetian architecture has a romantic charm that is enhanced by the lack of high-rise hotels. With its clear water and pebbled beaches all around, Symi surprises visitors with an aristocratic and wild natural beauty.

You will find:

  • Sand and pebble beaches

  • History, museum and architecture

You will enjoy:

  • Restaurants, cafes and bars

  • Trekking, boat trips and nature

Explore Symi
History of Symi

Symi’s history begins in ancient times and got its name from the nymph Symi, who according to mythology married the God Poseidon. The island’s first inhabitants were the Carians and the Leleges. Homer mentions Symi in the Heliade, for its participation in the Trojan War. The sumptuous neoclassical mansions and churches on the island were built during the Byzantine period.

In 1832 Symi was under the rule of the Turkish Empire which in 1912 was succeeded by the Italian one. In 1943 the Italian dominion ceased completely.

Symi changed hands several times between the English and Germans. The Protocol of Integration of Dodecanese islands to the Greek state was signed in Symi in 1948.


There are plenty of activities of wild nature and beauty to enjoy during your holiday in Symi



Enjoy the warm weather
throughout the year.

Island Cruises

Island Cruises

Enjoy around-the-island
boat trips any day.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Enjoy swimming and scuba-diving
anywhere on the island.


To make your life easier and your holiday more enjoyable in Symi, you can count on our friends. Here are our top lifestyle recommendations.

Where to dine?

Our recommendation for authentic Greek cuisine in Symi is Tholos restaurant. Offering a menu full of seafood delicacies and ‘soul-food’ options by the water.

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Where to drink?

Fancy a cocktail by the harbour at the end of the day? Discover our favourite bar on the island, managed and run by our long-time friends at ‘Mediterraneo’.

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How to sail in Symi?

Enjoy a day around-the-island sail trip with the Poseidon Excursion. Register here and discover unique hidden beaches and enjoy a delicious barbeque.

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How to travel to Symi?

Symi is served by daily boats from Rhodes and Piraeus. You can consult the local travel agencies for the latest details on boats schedule and timings.

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Thousands of secrets await in Symi. We wouldn’t want to spoil it all, but here’s a glimpse of the natural beauty around.

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